Stunning & beautiful Thailand. Has so much to offer tourists. Our Thailand tours have been carefully created by combining the parts of the very best tours we’ve experienced travelling all over the world. Thailand Top Sights Tours is a new sightseeing company founded in 2017 and we provide the best tours Thailand has to offer.

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Adults from £47

Kids from £47

See 30+ Bangkok Sights in one tour! Fun local guide. Great way to see the real Bangkok with a local. See, smell & photograph amazing Bangkok…


Adults from £31

Kids from £31

Bangkok’s Amazing Chinatown & surrounding area! Fun local guide! The main event is Chinatown. Amazing smells, sights and food…


Adults from £25

Kids from £25

This tour is a gentle stroll through some of the most famous streets in the world. We will tell you amazing stories about the…


Adults from £71

Kids from £26

See 20+ Top Bangkok Sights in one tour plus enter the Grand Palace. Official residence of the Kings of Siam since 1782. See, smell & photograph amazing Bangkok…


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